Chinese Osmanthus & Japanese Sequoia Body Scrub

Moisturizing Chinese Osmanthus  • Astringent Japanese Sequoia • Mineral Rich Red Alaea Salt
  • In Traditional Chinese Medicine Osmanthus is revered for its skin moisturizing ability and heady scent  

  • Japanese Sequoia creates a toning astringent effect to help tighten and tone skin    

  • 80 trace minerals from Red Alaea Salt encourage the growth of new skin cells

  • Traditional Chinese medicine belives the Yin energy in Salt centers the body

The Chinese have long held the belief that the adored Osmanthus Tree, rich in scent and moisturizing oils, was the tree of all perfumes.  Combined with the toning effects of Japanese Sequoia and over 80 trace minerals from Red Alaea Salt, this body scrub tones, moisturizes and encourages healthy new skin all in one richly scented step.  


INGREDIENTS:  Polynesian Red Alaea Salt (sodium chloride),Gotu Kola Oil (centella asiatica), Murumuru Seed Butter (astrocaryum murumuru), Chinese Osmanthus Oil (osmanthus fragrans), Sugi Pine Oil (cryptomeria japonica), Moringa Tree extract (moringa oleifera), Dawn Redwood Oil  (metasequoia glyptostroboides) oil